Predicted Top Home Trends for 2019

It’s completely unrealistic to think anyone’s going to update their home every year based on what designers and industry experts say the new “it” trends are, but it’s fun to see what’s up and coming in home design and what we can look for in new products and materials. So, if you are planning a remodel, redesign, or new home purchase in 2019 and you’re looking for some inspiration, these forecasted trends are a great place to start planning.

Here are the trends predicted to be big this year in homes.


We’re seeing floral patterns on everything these days, from wallpaper to throw pillows, upholstered furniture and more. They’re not for everyone, but they do give a classic, traditional feel to any space when done well.


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Rich Jewel Tones

Deep emerald and hunter greens, indigo blue, and teals are all still very much here to stay in 2019. We’ve been seeing jewel tones on the hot list for the past couple of years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Designers are loving the drama they bring to a room, especially because so many homeowners are turning to white walls, relying on furniture and accessories to bring the color into their spaces. We absolutely love this modern spin on a barn-style door by House Seven Design with its deep green color and gold handle.

Four Poster Beds

According to Elle Decor, our desire for comfort and coziness has brought back our loved for the four poster bed. Sklar Design owner, Amy Sklar, called them the furniture equivalent to a hug. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


photo by: Rachel Whyte HGTV

Bold, Ceiling Height Backsplashes

Bold seems to be the name of the game for 2019. Designers are tossing out the idea of plain and simple white subway tile (which is still completely timeless and a total yes in our book) and favoring fun patterns for some serious interest in the kitchen. Monochromatic kitchens are still popular with homebuyers, and pattern doesn’t have to mean color, but designers are saying that it’s time to spice things up and add a little impact to your space this year. We’re also seeing backsplashes rise and take new heights in 2019 with the gaining popularity of open shelving offering space for tile to be taken all the way to the ceiling line instead of  only resting between cabinetry.

Handmade Pieces

Natural materials are very popular in homes right now. Handwoven baskets used as wall decor, leather drawer pulls, jute light fixtures, and the like are all making their way into spaces to give a grounding element and a greater sense of nature.

Acrylic Furniture


photo by: Luis Pena

Because of its ability to be functional without taking up any visual space, acrylic furnishings are great for smaller spaces or areas that need to be less busy to the eye. This material allows you to show off your favorite art and decor pieces without having to compete with the furniture in which it sits.

Light Wood Floors

Birch and light oak shades are making a comeback in wood flooring. Homeowners are looking for options with a more open and airy feel and dark wood tones aren’t cutting it. Light wood is also easier to transition between design styles and can be made to look casual or more modern and sophisticated depending on decor.


Warmer Countertops

Butcher blocks and darker stones are all the rage in countertops for 2019. But don’t go changing out those marble countertops yet. Designers say that marble and marble-look stones are still a classic choice and aren’t going anywhere, but we’ll see more people choosing warmer tones for their counter surfaces this year than before.

90% White, 10% Color Spaces

We touched on this one earlier, but mostly white rooms with pops of color are one of the main looks designers are loving for 2019. White is fresh, and a perfect canvas for vibrant shades to shine through in the details. The beauty of white is that it goes with everything and allows for homeowners to switch up their decor and color scheme whenever they’d like without much hassle. Whether it’s an antique shade for the Farmhouse look, a crisper white for a modern home, and anything in between, white is the backdrop for bits of bold color this year.


We see a pattern for this new year in design and it’s GO BOLD in your home. Don’t be afraid to use fun patterns, add color to your walls, and some pizzazz to your white rooms to liven them up in 2019. What fresh ideas will you add to your home this year?

**Trends we didn’t elaborate on, but are also ones to look for in 2019.

  • Black in bathrooms
  • Bold whole-room wall colors (goodbye accent wall)
  • “Tuxedo” kitchens
  • Mixed-metal accents
  • Destination bathtubs
  • Free standing dining benches (no more built-ins)
  • Reclaimed and light wood vanities

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