What’s OUT in 2019?

The world of design is a constant rotation of trends and on Wednesday, we shared what designers predict are the ones we’ll see more of in homes for 2019. (click this link if you missed it) So, today, we’re going to give you the opposite side to that token and tell you what experts say we can wave goodbye to this year.

No, this doesn’t mean you should toss out the decor and furniture you just bought last year because let’s be honest, none of us really adhere to the trends each year. We fill our homes with what we love, not what’s on trend at the moment, and that’s what makes our home unique and ours!

But it’s interesting to see what the design world is over and what you’ll see less of in the store displays and showrooms. We also gain tons of inspiration from their insights, so let’s dig in. 



Gallery Walls

Some designers are over gallery walls of photos for 2019 and are making way for larger pieces of art that make a big statement. They say walls with several small frames of family pictures or art are easily ignored and looked over, whereas one print that really says “WOW” makes more of an impact in a space. Watercolors and charcoal pieces are their choices for a wall that needs attention.

Over the Stove Microwaves

This builder-begun idea is giving way to a much more practical and out-of-the-way approach. These design eye-sores are being given a lower position in the kitchen underneath the counter, and we’re happy to hear it. Custom hood vents are taking their rightful place over the stove, not only for better venting purposes, but beauty as well. The argument against microwaves over the stove?? Not only are they unattractive, but they don’t function well for shorter and/or younger people (hello step stool), and they only vent about 25% of what they should.



Accent Walls

Adding vibrant color or patterned wallpaper to one wall in a space has long been a way to add personality–but no more. The era of accent walls is over and full rooms of bold color are moving in. Designers say that furniture and decor look more cohesive when the walls are too. And if you still feel the room needs something try adding texture to one wall with floor-to-ceiling millwork painted the same color. This adds dimension and extra interest. 


Well, since 2019 seems to be the year of bold color, it only seems fitting that they’d rule out all things gray. Experts say that homeowners and designers alike are tossing out this “drab” neutral and bringing in more personality. White walls with pops of bright color are all the rage this year, giving gray the backseat. And if white isn’t for you, try warmer hues of tan and brown.


Metallics (especially Rose Gold)

A surge in interest for more natural materials leaves metals out of the picture in 2019. Rose Gold has been called out by designers in particular as being completely over and overdone. They say for a more current look, switch out your metal accents for things like wood, leather, woven pieces, clay, and the like.

Cherry Cabinetry

This traditional way to bring warmth into a kitchen is being replaced with painted cabinetry. Deep greens, blues, and black are being favored in lieu of this rich wood finish.


White Quartz Countertops

We’re seeing a rise in the desire for warmer materials like wood and dark stone for countertops. Stark white kitchens had their day, but designers and homeowners alike are leaning more towards warmer spaces these days. But, we have to say, in the real estate world, the requests for white kitchens are still rolling in.

One-Look Spaces

A shift to more eclectically designed spaces is happening and rooms outfitted in one particular style throughout are being re-vamped. People are taking a more organic approach to design these days and filling their homes with pieces they love, making for a beautiful mix of design styles. Modern is meeting boho, traditional is meeting mid-century–it’s making for truly unique spaces that don’t feel cookie cutter.


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