When moving into a new neighborhood (or have new neighbors move into yours) you want to make a good impression, right? Feeling that sense of community with the people who live closest to you is important.

You’ll be living around these people for quite a while, so getting along with them and being the best neighbor possible is important for everyone’s happiness. No one appreciates a recluse neighbor that never mows the lawn or waves hello. Your neighbors are the closest people you have for a support system whether you need someone to watch your kids in an emergency or a simple cup of sugar for your cookies.

Here are some ways to gain your good neighbor badge.

  • Introduce yourself– A quick knock on the door of the homes to your immediate right, left, back, and front and an introduction shows your new neighbors that you’re excited to part of the community. On the other hand, doing the same for folks that move into your neck of the woods makes new neighbors feel welcome.
  • Welcome a new family with an easy meal and wine–  You know how it feels to be the new kids on the block. Tired from moving, you don’t know anyone, and you aren’t familiar with the community yet. Show your new neighbors how happy your are they moved in by offering a meal they can quickly whip up after a long day of unpacking and a bottle of wine to unwind, along with menus to local take-out restaurants and any important numbers they may need.
  • Extend an invitation– Another way to welcome new neighbors to your block is to invite them to your home for a casual dinner once they’re settled to get to know them better. 
  • Check in on an elderly or disabled neighbor– If you have a neighbor that lives alone, is disabled, and/or is elderly, a really nice gesture is to make it a point to check on them every now and then. Ask if they need help with anything, if you could pick something up from the store for them, help take in their groceries, or shovel their driveway in bad weather. 
  • Keeping up your curb appeal– There isn’t anything a homeowner dislikes more than a neighbor that doesn’t maintain the exterior of their home. It brings the appeal of the entire neighborhood down when even one person doesn’t contribute to keeping up their property. Some neighborhoods even have HOA rules in place to ensure appropriate maintenance. 
  • Keep the noise level down– No one likes a noisy neighbor, especially late at night or during the early morning hours. Be considerate of those around you and even think about giving them a heads up if you’ll be hosting a get-together that you think could get a little loud. This gives them the opportunity to ask you to keep in down instead of immediately calling the police on you and they’ll probably let you get away with some noise if you were kind enough to let them know the situation ahead of time.
  • Don’t allow your pets to roam– You’d be surprised at how many pets we see on the loose, especially in rural areas. To be a good neighbor, keep your pets either on a leash or in a fenced in yard when letting them out. Your neighbors could be allergic or even afraid of your pets. Not only is this neighborly, but it keeps your pets safe also.