SMT-approved Home Delivery Services

Nowadays you can get just about anything you need or want delivered right to your front door. Depending on what it is and your location, you could have your items anywhere from an hour from the time you clicked the go button to just a few short days. You can even schedule deliveries on a monthly, quarterly, etc. basis to automatically be sent on a rotation that suits your needs.

Home delivery services are growing in popularity every day and new types of services are popping up all the time to give people easy, hassle-free access to everything they need with just the touch of a finger. Whether it’s same-day grocery delivery, monthly clothing subscriptions, beauty boxes, meal kits, cleaning supplies…the options are endless. A lot of them are specialized to one category of product, and then there’s Amazon that offers anything under the sun and gets it to you in two days or less most of the time. As busy working moms, we appreciate it all because it means we don’t have to stop at the store. So, needless to say, we take advantage, and here are some that we use regularly.

Susan Morris

I use a few – mainly and most often, Instacart. I’ve been using it since this past September and, honestly, I believe it’s one of the best things to happen to grocery shopping. I’ve easily put 3-4 hours back into my weekly schedule by using Instacart – maybe more. If you aren’t familiar, Instacart is an online grocery delivery service company that works with local stores to deliver groceries to your door. To plan an order you go on their website, search for your products, add them to your grocery list, and place your order. Then an Instacart employee gets to work shopping for your items and, when their done, delivers them to your door. It’s a beautiful thing! I’m telling you, ordering groceries online has been a huge game changer for me.

Even though there is a slight markup I do feel that it saves me money for two reasons.. One it prevents impulse shopping. I have my meal plan, grocery list, and only purchase the items I need. Second, I save money in gas because I don’t need to drive to the store. This also save me tons of time and in my self-employed world time is money. Another financial benefit to purchasing groceries through Instacart is I can see all my previous orders online and this helps with budgeting. I can see, in front of me, the amount of money I spend every week and this helps me stay intentional with my grocery budget. Instacart does offer online coupons and sales so there’s plenty of opportunity to save money on your favorite items. 

I also used to love Stitch Fix for a fun little personal styling every few months, but after my last few boxes being less than exciting and I am giving Trendsend by Evereve a go! If you’re not familiar with Evereve, they are a women’s fashion and styling clothing retailer with approximately 50 locations throughout the Ohio Valley Region and have an amazing online presence.  The big difference is the stylist shops through the Evereve stores and online inventory to create your look. I haven’t received my first shipment yet, but set up was super fun and easy – we’ll see how it goes!

Susan Farmer

Also, grocery related, but I just adopted a new delivery service and it has honestly changed my life…Shipt!!

At the time I started, I was taking down Christmas decorations, cleaning house, and managing three small kids and I started to get completely panicked over when I could get by the store that day for groceries. One of my girlfriends had been telling me about Shipt and because I resist change (why?!?) I kept brushing it off. Well, this particular day I decided to try it.

You download the app onto your phone, login, select which store you’d like to shop (there are several options) then you start putting items in your cart. Moments after I “checked out” I received a text from a sweet gal who had accepted my order, meaning she was hitting the pavement and going to the store for me. Not only did I receive the introduction text, she communicated with me throughout her shopping trip letting me know what on my list wasn’t in stock, suggested substitutions, etc. After she checked out at the register she texted me to let me know she was on her way to my house. Upon arrival, she brought all of the groceries into my kitchen for me.

I should also mention that I placed my order at 10am and my groceries were to me by 2pm…I was blown away!!

Once the delivery has been made, you then go into the app (kind of like Uber) where you can leave ratings, a tip, etc. I have used Shipt a few times since and have had the same level of service each time. During a very busy period in my life, this service has been life changing!


Let me start by saying that I live in a rural part of Richmond where it takes me about half an hour just to get to the store. So, I use subscription delivery services whenever possible just to keep me from having to take those trips often, and because I can’t just slip out to the store anytime I need something. If you live in a rural area like me, you know that it takes planning and list making to make a store run count. I’ll also mention that I work from home and have three kids, so life is busy.

For that reason, and because getting packages is like presents in the mail every month, I LOVE a delivery service. I like to try as many out as I can, but today I’ll just mention the ones I use regularly.

I get most of our family’s toiletries, laundry supplies, and cleaning items from Grove Collaborative. I love it because they offer all natural and plant based products that are delivered on a recurring basis depending on preference. Mine come monthly and I can change my order each month to include whatever I’m running low on at the time, and with a family of 5 there are always several things. I can also change my ship date anytime I choose if I need items to come earlier or later that my normal schedule.

Hello Fresh is another service I’ve really enjoyed. No doubt most of you know what it is, but it’s a weekly meal kit service that ships meals directly to your door in an insulated package that includes all fresh ingredients and a recipe card to make a delicious and healthy meal for your family without the guesswork or shopping. I love these for those weeks I don’t want to shop or think about dinner. They do all the planning and prep work (no chopping, dicing, or slicing for me!) and all I have to do is put it together and cook it. It saves me so much time, but I know my family is still getting a fresh home-cooked meal.

The last subscription-based delivery service that I’ve really been loving is Ipsy. I’ve been stepping my beauty game up and I wanted to be able to try a lot of different products without having to purchase full sizes in case they were duds. Ipsy is fantastic because you fill out this fun questionnaire about your skin-type, colors you like, products and brands you’d like to try, etc. and each month they send you this cute little beauty bag full of trial-sized products they think you’ll love. Everything from hair products to makeup to skincare, fragrance, and nails may be included.

First of all, the bag can totally be re-used for travel or on-the-go and the products cost you only $10 a month…that’s a steal! It’s like a little gift in the mail every month and anything you love you can purchase regular sizes of for a discount from Ipsy’s website. 


Amazon…enough said! They rule the world.

What delivery services or subscriptions do you use and love? Comment below.



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