We’re seeing shades of pink pop up in home decor all over. From magazine articles telling us it’s one of the hottest colors of 2019 to designers placing pink pieces in their projects, and this year we’ve seen Richmond builders and decorators adding this hue to their model homes. We’ve noticed it little by little, but yesterday’s Realtor Luncheon in Midlothian’s Hallsley neighborhood sealed it as a trend when we noticed pops of pink in every single home we toured.

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Biringer Builders’ Honeysuckle model in Hallsley takes the cake and wins the prize for most pink. You’ll find different forms of it in every room of their home. The nursery, both kids’ rooms, and their craft space in the upstairs nook had several shades of pink. One of the secondary bedrooms (pictured left) was bathed in it with a beautiful floral wallpaper as the focal point and furniture in a blush shade to bring the whole look together. It was lovely and a room any little girl would be thrilled to call their own.

The other spaces had dashes of pink in the forms of light fixtures, pillows, other textiles and artwork. Check out this fun pink light fixture they brought into their craft nook. It works beautifully with the muted blue cabinetry and mirrors the whimsy of the artwork on the wall and bright colors in the wrapping paper station. We love it! The pinks chosen in the common areas of their model were more muted and didn’t scream PINK. They worked absolutely beautifully and brought a cohesive theme to the entire house. (See the living room in the photo at the top to see what we mean)

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Perkinson Homes interpreted the pink trend in more subtle ways. We are loving this bathroom that was designed for their Hallsley model because the pink is brought in by a soft dusty rose with blush accents in the decor. It’s a great option for those that want to add a dose of pink, but in more common spaces. And the current mural wallpaper obsession helped them make it happen.

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Perkinson also brought in pink into their kitchen and dining area with a very light dusty rose shade as the fabric for their island stools and on pillows in the eat-in dining space. It’s just the slightest pop of color, unassuming and so stylish. This shade also bleeds into their open living room to create a cohesive look. They did a gorgeous job in here. We are drooling over those stools though!

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Homesmith also brought some pink into their model in one of their secondary bedrooms. They opted for a brighter take on pink and lots of femininity with different levels of a rose shade and a floral motif.

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Have you embraced pink in your home? It’s not the color for everyone, but with a large range of shades and ways to bring it into your space it’s a great change of pace from the ordinary in our opinion.

And we want to give a shoutout to all the builders and designers from yesterday’s Hallsley model tour….Well Done!