Podcasts are the current craze to get information and engage in the world even when we’re all alone in our cars or at home. They bring us into the lives of some really interesting people with great information and thoughtful opinions about tons of different topics; and it’s all right at our fingertips any time of day.

What I love about podcasts is that you don’t have to be nationally famous to be heard. All you need is a mic, a computer, and something to talk about and you can get your message out. So it’s no wonder that we’re seeing an upswing in locally created content, and some really great stuff at that. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Richmond, our people and places, culture, and news, I’ve made a list of my favorites that keep me entertained and informed about our beautiful city on a daily basis.

Good Morning, RVA:

This podcast with Ross Catrow is short and sweet and gives a daily rundown of Richmond news, as well as information about what’s happening locally. It’s a quick listen during your commute, or just whenever you want to catch up on what’s going on around town.

Coffee with Strangers:

I am loving this podcast with Kelli Lemon where she actually has coffee and chats with some of the most interesting folks in RVA to find out who they are, what they do, and how they got there. This includes local chefs, professors, tattoo artists, social media personalities, business owners, community leaders, and everyone in between. If you’re a lover of all things local, like I am, this is the perfect start to your week!

StudioB RVA:

If you’re a music lover, specifically local and regional artists and bands, this is a must listen. Host Jay Smack offers interviews, live performances, and music from in and around Richmond and covers all different genres. He’s currently in his 23rd season of the podcast (WOW!) and episodes last anywhere from half and hour to an hour with a new one on tap weekly.

Richmond Famous:

Richmond is known for our food, so naturally there’s a podcast dedicated to just that. So, local foodies, this one’s for you. Richmond Famous “explores food, culture and community” in RVA with hosts Nicole Lang and Laura Sant. They interview local restaurateurs, craft brewers, wine experts, bakers, etc. to talk about their businesses, what they love about Richmond, and what they bring to our city.

Young House Love Has a Podcast:

Locals and design fanatics alike know exactly who John and Sherry Petersik are. These Richmonders have a cult following and hundreds of thousands of social media and blog subscribers–and now, they have a podcast too. These two are so much fun to listen to. The show is always light-hearted and silly and they have no problem talking about their mistakes, things they argue about, along with giving great design advice and real solutions to our everyday home issues. I binge episodes while I’m cooking and usually have a notepad on hand to jot down tips that I don’t want to forget. Highly recommended.

Two People:

The concept of this podcast is so interesting that it sucked me in automatically. Basically, they talk to influencers and public figures in Richmond about the two sides to their personality, the personal and the public, to find out how those two sides work together to make them who they are as people. They’ve talked to Mayor Levar Stoney, fellow podcasters (mentioned above), Kelli Lemon and Ross Catrow, as well as business owners, superintendents, professionals, the Chief of Police, and many more. The conversations are really interesting and absolutely worth the listen.