Who else spends 90% of their time in the kitchen? (raising my hand right here) It’s my absolute favorite space in my home. It’s where I cook for my family, entertain guests, try out new recipes, and where I do my best thinking. But right now it could use a facelift. I own a home that was built in the late 90’s and although it’s not the most dated, the kitchen has never been re-done and it could use some freshening up. As I’ve been researching kitchen trends and design ideas and oohing and ahhing at the gorgeous spaces in magazines and on Pinterest, I’m realizing that those trendy spaces and details just aren’t for me or my home. The plan is to only do this redesign once (because, well, kitchens are expensive) and my choices should be classic so that years from now I’m not kicking myself for those bold backsplash tiles (even though they’re STUNNING). 

So, if you’re in the same boat and are looking for kitchen trends that will stand the test of time, read on. 



Quartz Countertops

You won’t find high maintenance here. With quartz, there’s no sealing or scrubbing required and their understated, yet elegant look will have you loving them for life. They look fantastic in any space and are even less maintenance than their granite counterparts.

Open Layouts

I don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. Homeowners these days love open spaces for their easy, and more informal entertaining qualities and their ability to keep everyone together. And, hello, who doesn’t love the illusion of more space?! So, go ahead, and tear down those walls!

Marble, Marble, and more Marble


Even if marble countertops are out of your budget, you can still incorporate this stone that screams timelessness into your space. Marble is literally everywhere in kitchen designs from backsplashes to plates, bowls, platters, and other accessories. What I love most about it is it’s ability to work with any color, finish, or material–especially wood elements which are so popular in homes these days.

White Subway Tile


I’ve said it time and time again, but no design element is as unfailing as white subway tile. This trend will stand the test of time and is (BONUS!) friendly to any budget. It always makes a space look so clean and fresh and it’s really easy to install, which gives even more appeal. But the best part about it is that it’s so versatile. You can lay this tile in a slew of different ways from herringbone to basket weave to the typical running bond pattern for a look that matches any design. Plus, you can change up the whole look just by the grout color choice. Dark gray is a current kitchen favorite for a Farmhouse feel and white is a good choice if you don’t want it to stand out.

Deep Drawers

This is something my current kitchen actually does have and I’ll tell you, it’s a game changer. It makes storage so much easier, especially if you take the time to organize them.

Blue Cabinets



I know, I know, colored cabinetry may sound trendy but hear me out. Blue is the new neutral and if you’re so over white kitchens (which will also forever be a plus) it’s a great color option. In fact, a new study by the University of Sussex that asked people about color and emotions just concluded that Navy Blue is the most relaxing color of all.

Less Upper Cabinetry

Less is more in kitchens, and especially with the popularity of Marie Kondo’s de-cluttering method. Homeowners nowadays just don’t want a lot of things and we’re becoming much more intentional with what we surround ourselves with. So those mismatched juice glasses you had when you were ten and the extra twenty plates you keep lying around because they’re pushed to the back of the cabinet can go. Get rid of some upper cabinets and give yourself the freedom of more open space to display those pieces that really speak to you.


Polished Silver Finishes




I’ve been seeing some really beautiful finish trends lately with matte black and gold being at the forefront of design for the past few years. But if you’re looking for an everlasting, always will look amazing finish look no further than polished silver. It always looks refined and will match any changes you decide to make down the road.

image1 (9)

Wood Floors 

They add warmth to any space, especially kitchens, and I don’t see them going anywhere. They can adapt to any design style and are perfection for the open floor plans we all love so much. If you’re concerned about maintenance in the kitchen, however, you can opt for wood-look tile and get the same look without the worry.

Stainless Steel

My final timeless choice for kitchens is, of course, stainless steel. It still remains the most used material for appliances because of its neutral color and ability to be paired with both light and dark cabinetry. You really can’t go wrong with this old faithful.