We love a gadget and when it makes a homeowners life easier we have to give it a shout. These five products are our current infatuations and either things we use ourselves or have heard rave reviews about. That being said, if you’ve used any of them and can give more insight, please leave a comment below!

Disclaimer** None of these products are sponsored, they’re simply things we think deserve a mention.


Click & Grow Indoor Gardens– If your thumb isn’t as green as you’d like it to be (pointing to ourselves here), this gadget allow for fresh herbs, fruits, and flowers without the worry. All you do is place the specially designed pods into the planter, add water, and plug it in. From there, it basically does the job for you. This device creates the perfect environment for your plants by offering the right lighting and water each day to grow flavorful herbs, juicy fruits, or beautiful flowers year round. There are a couple of different kits available depending on what you’re growing and how much, and they come with pods ready to plant.

Weber iGrill Meat Thermometer Grilling season is here and one thing Laura’s husband swears by is his iGrill. There are a few different options depending on need.  He loves the iGrill II because he can keep temperature on two separate things at once with its two probes. But, they recently released the III which offers the capability for up to four, if you’re a serious grill master. The technology uses an app on your phone so that you’re not constantly checking the temperature of the food during cook time. This is fantastic for multi-taskers so that you can go about preparing the rest of the meal without worrying and ensures the perfect temperature every time. Hello perfect Father’s Day gift!



Datacolor ColorReader- If you know Susan, you know that paint colors are something she gets asked about a lot. Well, she recently read about this device and it sounds like the perfect solution for anyone looking for that ideal shade. If you’ve ever been out and about and see a certain color on say a pillow, or wallpaper, or anything really and said to yourself, “That’s exactly the color I want to paint my bedroom!”? Or have you had a room to patch and couldn’t remember the paint color on the walls? We’ve all been there, which is why we think all homeowners need this nifty little device in their lives. The Datacolor ColorReader goes for $99 on Amazon and works with an app on your phone to find a paint color that matches your vision, as well as gives you options from several paint companies all at once. No more hitting up Sherwin Williams for handfuls of paint swatches or samples! Game changed!!

Robotic Lawn Mowers- Busy homeowners rejoice! One of the number one things we hear from homebuyers with hectic schedules is that they don’t want to maintain a yard. Robotic mowers have given us the option to have a nice, lush green yard without the weekly hassle of mowing in the spring and summer months. There are many different models on the market, all of which can be programmed to mow at any schedule. They’re quiet too, meaning you can have it mow your lawn in the middle of the night without disturbing the neighbors. Most are app driven and battery charged and they start at around $1000. We love these for homeowners who want to reclaim weekends for fun and not yard work. 


Nest and Nest Protect- Definitely not newcomers to the market, but one of our most favorite gadgets for homeowners are the Nest family of products. Nest smart thermostats are so easy to use and really save on energy costs in your home. The price runs about $250 per unit, however the savings quickly have this item paying for itself. The device can be controlled at home or away and works to learn your family’s temperature habits over time to better the results.

The Nest Protect is this line’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector in one which, like the thermostats, connect to Wi-Fi and will audibly notify you of carbon monoxide or a fire, even when you’re away from home. Most of us are mothers and we’ll tell you, if you have kids at home while you’re at work or on vacation, the piece of mind is worth all of cost.