If you aren’t following us on social media you probably haven’t been seeing our weekly segment that we call #WeLoveItWednesday. This is something that we do each week where a member of our team posts what they are currently loving (products, local spots, recipes, home décor, really anything). If you are following, thank you so much for all the love and support!

It’s been so much fun for us to share our favorites with our online community and now that it’s the end of the month we wanted to do a little recap of each of our picks in case you missed one or two or would rather just follow along via our blog.

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Now let’s get into our recap.

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For the month of August, Susan Farmer’s favorite thing wasn’t a product or service, but a good ‘ole Susan Morris Team get together. Our team really treasures our time together, because we’re all busy doing our own things most days, quality time doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. And we really, truly are all great friends who love each other like family. This month we were so happy to see a lot of each other and we love that she included that as what she loved this month!

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Erin’s August pick was this Save The Bees tank (linked here) that she got from Amazon to support her little girl’s new passion for the cause. You guys, how cute is this tank? And if you purchase one for yourself, be sure to use Amazon Smile and choose another charity to support too!

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Laura is a local wine lover and a Goochland girl, so it was only fitting that she chose Elk Island Winery, a charming locally owned vineyard and winery in Goochland County to showcase. Her recommendation– the Petit Verdot! Here’s a link to their website to learn more about their story and delicious wines!

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Susan Morris is currently obsessed with ColorStreet nail polish strips. The ease of application, style and color options, staying power, and the fact that she’s supporting her good friend, Alicia, are just a few reasons she chose to highlight this product. Check out Alicia’s Facebook group here or her personal ColorStreet website here.

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Emily’s obsession this month is Chloe’s Pops. She is a die hard ice cream girl, but these popsicles have become a favorite because of their simple, clean ingredients. She’s got us all trying them and they’re such a perfect summer treat that is delicious, but good for you at the same time. Win, win!

If you want to keep up with what we are loving each week, follow along with us on social media! And let us know what you’re currently obsessing over so that we can try out your favorites too. We love a good recommendation from you guys!