We’re in month two of 2020 and just now getting around to posting our favorite forecasted home trends for the year. But without anymore chit chat, here they are!

Anything-But-White Kitchens

In the kitchen, an all-white palette has been on top for forever, but for good reason. They’re timeless, classic, clean, and work well with any style. But for 2020, experts are saying that other neutrals are on the rise in popularity. According to Houzz, even though white cabinets are still very popular with renovators, there’s also more of an increase in those searching for alternatives. We absolutely agree that white is always fresh, but what’s in for this year are soft hues, like light grays and blues. If you’re looking for a change but don’t want to give up your coveted white cabinetry, try adding in some warmth with wood tones from open shelving, countertops, and pull-outs. 



The Return of the Formal Dining Room

If you have an unused formal dining room in your home, this one’s for you. Designers predict that these spaces will be re-vamped in 2020 as “wow spaces” within the home. They see formal dining making a comeback with bold colors, artwork, and look-at-me light fixtures that you might not want in the everyday rooms in your home, but will fit right in for special gatherings. As a homeowner with a rarely-used formal dining room myself, I’m excited to see where this trend goes!

Tiled Bathtub Aprons

In a bathroom, tile is used by designers as a low-cost, high impact feature. However, most of the time it’s on the floor or a shower surround. This year we’ll be seeing tile added onto tub aprons to give an otherwise outdated feature (this is fabulous if you don’t have a stand alone tub) a more updated look. 


The Every Girl

Letting Go of Neutrals

Many designers are noticing that their clients are looking for more character in their spaces. Instead of bathing an entire space in neutrals, homeowners want more pattern and color mixed in. To achieve this, look outside of Target and Homegoods and instead try to find some really unique pieces at flea markets or local upcycled furniture stores and antique shops. If you’re a local Richmonder, Arts in the Park in May is a fantastic event to find one-of-a-kind pieces made by local artisans. I’ve also learned from blogger and author, Myquillyn Smith, or “The Nester” as she’s also known to followers, the importance of shopping your own home to find decor and use it in different ways to add personality. Search the attic for any family heirlooms you may have put away or forgotten about and display them to add some life to your home.

Wood Range Hoods

Farmhouse style is still very popular with many homeowners, and with that comes a lot of wood accents. But for 2020, wood is going to be seen in more unconventional ways like on decorative range hoods. A hood is a great way to add some interest to the kitchen and wood is still neutral, but adds some warmth and can bring some great texture into the room.



Laundry Rooms that Make a Statement

Homeowners have recently really gotten into sprucing up their laundry rooms to make them more functional and enjoyable to be in, and that’s here to stay. Houzz.com says that in 2020, even more homeowners are looking for excitement in the laundry room. This room meant for work is now home to happy colors, interesting patterns, and quirky designs, including chalkboard walls, bold wallpaper and creative storage. We love this trend of making an otherwise dreaded space (and the actual chore itself) way more enjoyable.

So those are the coming trends that stood out to us. What home trend(s) are you giving a try this year?