Are you planning to sell your home soon? The spring market is just around the corner and regardless if this is your first time as a home seller, or maybe you’ve sold many homes, understanding the selling process can assure you that things are going smoothly during what can seem like a stressful time. Successful transactions don’t just
happen; it takes experience and professionals to navigate from staging to closing.

Who Are The Experts?

• Real Estate Agent – Before you start, do your homework and find an
experienced listing agent in your area. 
• Escrow Officer – Your escrow officer is a neutral 3rd party who takes the
terms agreed to by each party and ensures they are fulfilled properly.

Timeline For Your Home Sale

• Meeting With Your Agent – Your agent will tour your home and discuss
its market value (including a comparative market analysis), timing and
financial goals in order to create a custom plan for selling your home.
• Preparing Your Home For Sale – Typically even a dated home can be
spruced up with small changes in furniture placement, fresh paint, new
lighting and/or minor repairs. A top agent will be able to tell you what’s actually necessary versus what isn’t and even have a list of trusted professionals to do any work if you need it.
• Listing Your House – Once your home is ready for buyers, you will list your
home and your agent will implement their marketing plan.
• Offers – Once you receive offers, you will meet with your agent to review
them together and determine how to respond.
• Escrow Process For Sellers – One you’re under contract, the buyers will complete funding requirements, obtain an appraisal and home inspection. As the seller,
you will also complete any conditions you’ve agreed to, such as agreed upon repairs.
• Closing – Once all conditions have been completed, you will close the sale
and receive the proceeds.

The sales process is a series of steps that you and your agent will take together. A great agent will help you feel at ease and confident throughout the process and is there to guide you every step of the way. Knowing what to expect, and when, can alleviate the uncertainty you might feel as a seller.