This crazy time we’re in has us all feeling like we’re living in a real live version of Groundhog’s Day. We’re starting to lose track of how long its been since we hugged family or went out to dinner. What day is it, anyway?

But, there’s also some good in it. Or at least we’re trying to see the good to keep up the positivity. Either way, it’s made us more grateful for those things we take for granted in our normal lives and made us appreciate the comfort of HOME even more. It’s forced us to slow down and take up some new hobbies or read that book that’s been on the nightstand for months. So, we’re attempting to enjoy the slower pace and rolling with this new normal.

Our team was having this conversation the other day and filling each other in on what we’ve been up to and what’s been personally helpful through all of this and we thought sharing it with our blog friends might be inspire some new ideas for you too! We’re all in this together. So, in case you’re curious…this is how The Susan Morris Team is doing quarantine.


In true Erin fashion, she’s making light of the situation and has dubbed quarantine as a “corona-cation”. Although we’re not sure how much relaxing is going on because The Walsh’s have taken this time to do a few DIYs (as if we didn’t expect it), including completing a new garden space.

They also taught the kids to pitch a tent themselves (and ‘let’ them camp for two hours in the afternoon) and set up quite the obstacle course to tire everyone out! 

She didn’t say it, but we’re also guessing there’s some patio sitting and bourbon sipping going on too. 


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Susan Farmer has three rambunctious boys, so most of her energy has been saved for keeping up with them, meaning no projects at the Farmer house. She’s got a full-time job plus some right there, but do you see those faces?! Could you resist spending all of your time with them? Us either.

But, when she does get a few glorious after bed-time minutes, she and her husband dive into some binge-watching. Ozark is the favorite right now and they “crushed” (her word) season 3 in just a few days, which she said brought her a lot of joy! She’s also been doing some running to help release any anxiety she’s holding onto. 

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Em has literally walked her neighborhood, and beyond, almost every day since lock down started. The weather has been too perfect not to take advantage, but she may need a new pair of shoes before it’s over.

 The Maltby house has also been working on sprucing up their yard, featuring a giant pile of mulch they’ve been spreading for what seems like weeks. And, because organizing and cleaning makes her heart the happiest, she’s been doing a lot of that too, and documenting it on Organized Chaos’ social media platforms. If you need some inspiration, go follow @organizedchaosrva! It’s definitely been helping all of us stay motivated.

 Oh, and as an avid (and by avid I mean obsessed) Bachelor fan she said she’s desperately awaiting the new show. It premieres on April 13th if anyone is right there with her.  

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Laura’s been doing the whole knocking things off the home to-do list too, and we’ll tell you, it’s really filling her cup! Girl loves to get things done. Type A all the way. 

But, what’s really getting her through working at home with three girls and homeschooling are the little things. She’s reading more (she just finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and highly recommends it!), spending so much time on her screened porch, and making sure she’s always got her favorite things in the house including a drawer full of coffee and some local wine.

Another thing she’s been doing everyday is simply making her home smell nice. It’s amazing what scent can do for the mood, so she constantly has either a diffuser with some essential oils going or a nice scented candle burning to make her home feel that much more special right now. 

And how’s Susan M. mentally surviving home isolation? Her words…puzzles, Pelaton, Cricut, repeat.


Her Cricut has been cranking out all kinds of fun things these days, from gift tags to hanger labels. If you don’t know Susan, creativity runs through her veins, so crafting and having a project is filling her soul–and so are puzzles, lots of puzzles.

And the Peloton? She’s been working on turning her garage into a home gym space, so get ready, because the Morris’ will be looking amazing come summer while the rest of us sport the Quarantine Fifteen. Something else to get ready for– more great book recommendations for #susansbookclub because we guarantee that any other spare minute she has is spent reading.

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What things are bringing you happiness at home? If you haven’t found any yet, hopefully we’ve given you an idea or two. We’ll tell you what, we all might go a little crazy before it’s all said and done, but finding those things that add a little calm and fulfillment is helping bring some much needed good to our current situation.