Hey y’all, it’s Erin! Last week I built my own version of a game I saw online called Chippo and I thought it’d be a fun project for my fellow golf fans out there since our yards are pretty much where we’re playing these days. It only took me an afternoon to build it and just a few simple materials, most of which I already had around the house.

image0 (10)

The picture above is a screenshot of the actual Chippo game with the rules from their website, but I wanted to change it up to be more like actual golf since as a family we play golf and have putting tools and such. The size of a hole in golf is 4.25 inches, so I decided to make mine that size. I also made three rows, beer pong style 🤣.


Here are the materials I used:

  1. 3/4 inch plywood cut into 3 pieces.
    – 48×30 for the board
    – 12×15 for the tee
    – 8 inches tall to prop up the back of the board
  2. Drill
  3. Hole saw 4.25″ (or use something slightly smaller and have a jigsaw on hand to modify it)
  4. Pencil & ruler to measure & draw it out
  5. AstroTurf
  6. Staple gun

The first step, after cutting my plywood pieces, was mapping out the board with my trusty pencil. The holes are each 4 inches apart–3 on the top row, two in the middle, and one at the bottom. Then, I used a hole saw to start each cup. I ended up having to finish it with my jigsaw since I didn’t have a hole saw big enough in my set, but it worked out just the same.

I ordered AstroTurf off of Amazon a while ago when I first had this idea (and not the time to do it), so I rolled that out and used my staple gun to attach it around both the wood for the tee and the board. Next, I used a razor to cut out the holes in the turf and stapled that back as well. Finally, I attached an 8 inch high board across the back of the hole board to prop it up. Done. Now it’s ready for play!

If I were to do it over I would make a few tweaks, but this one is not too shabby for an afternoon of ‘work’ while staying home! If you make your own, send us a picture! I’d love to see how yours turns out! Stay safe, everyone.