It’s time to take away the lights and brights and bring in the warm tones. It’s T-minus 5 days until the official start of fall and with the year we’ve had, don’t you think it’s fun to have something to look forward to? Me too! And fall in Virginia is a dream! We can’t wait to see those yellows and oranges peeking through the green on the trees, but for now we’ll have to settle for creating that feeling in our homes and the simpler the better. Today we’re sharing some quick and easy ways to transform your home decor from summer to fall.

One of our favorite things to change out with the seasons is textiles. You get big impact with this quick switch. A few new festive throw pillows and a cozy plaid blanket can really make a big difference in cozying up your home. When we think autumnal colors, deep, warm tones and texture come to mind. We love a rusty orange and an olive green this time of year. Mustard yellow, maroon, and deep teal are also favorites to bring into the mix. As far as pattern goes, buffalo check is a big hit for fall, as are plaids and pumpkin motifs.

Metal accents are another great way to bring in those warm tones. Think brass, copper, gold, and even matte black pieces to sit among the yellows and teals. Add these finishes in the form of candle jars, lighting, drinkware serving trays, and other decor for even more of that fall feel.

Another element that’s essential to a cozy fall home is ambient lighting. This is the time of year that folks with fireplaces and/or pits wait for. The amber colors and warmth are the epitome of the feeling we want our homes to give in the cooler months. Candles are another way to bring this in, and you can buy them in seasonal fragrances to add even more fall flavor to your spaces. We also love a lantern on the porch for that warm glow.

The final piece that we think always adds a nice touch to a home any time of year are seasonal florals. In the fall, we like to see arrangements with warm oranges, rusty shades, and yellows. Sunflowers and mums are two of our favorites and iconic fall flowers. Greenery is also beautiful for this time of year and looks fabulous as part of a fall tablescape, adding a more neutral backdrop to your mustards and burgundies. Wreaths and garlands are other ways to bring foliage and flowers into your decor. Fresh or faux, florals are a lovely way to add those autumn colors to your space.

We hope this helps you to get into the spirit and gives you a bit of fall inspiration. We’d love to see how you decorate for the season. Post a picture below!