Emily Maltby

Emily Maltby

Special Projects Coordinator

  • Cell: 804.433.9241
  • Office: 804.858.9000
  • Office Location: Midlothian

About Emily Maltby

Hey there, I’m Emily Maltby!

Most people call me Em. Emily if it’s formal – but let’s face it, I’m not a formal type of girl. Most days you can find me sitting at the kitchen island drinking a (few) cups of Kauai (Hawaiian) coffee, listening to Today’s Country Radio on Pandora while researching organizing ideas, reading blog posts and planning out my day.

I’m pretty type A. People who know me well know how neat and clean I like things. All my friends in college made fun of me for that 🙂 I was that college kid that made her bed every single day.

I am a big family girl. While my immediate family is small, I come from a big Catholic family. We are very close and talk often and visit each other as much as we can.  

I also love to cook. One of my favorite things is trying to create a delicious recipe just out of the ingredients I have in the fridge and pantry. I get a lot of my ideas from Amanda Frederickson on Instagram! Go check her out! You can thank me later 🙂 

Swimming was my very first love! I swam kindergarten through college. My sister was also a swimmer, so it was something fun we did together growing up.

I also really love to help people. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true! My passion is helping people crawl out from under their unorganized messes and shame – and teaching them a method that truly works and creates a feeling of happiness in their homes and hearts. Working with the home organization side of our business, Organized Chaos, I am beyond lucky and excited to do this every.single.day.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.
  1. Most Monday nights you can find me drinking a glass of Cab Sav watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette with my mom.  I am a huge fan.  My total guilty pleasure.
  2. I have one sister, Biz.  She lives in Charleston, South Carolina and is hands down my best girl and favorite person.  
  3. This girl loves ice cream.  Doesn’t have to be fancy – but I do love a cone.  Most nights you can find me enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s.  It’s hard to ignore a sweet tooth – ya know?
  4. I’m a hopeless romantic, still looking for my perfect match.
  5. I’ve traveled to Hawaii 12 times in my life. It’s the Maltby’s favorite spot – and we hope to have a place there one day!  I’ve been to all of the islands that you can get on.  Kauai is my favorite.  If you’re planning a visit to the islands, I’d love to talk all things Aloha with you 🙂  
Still here?  Let’s connect!