Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh

Lead Buyer Specialist

  • Cell: 804.229.9224
  • Office: 804.858.9000
  • Office Location: 15871 City View Dr, Ste. 120, Midlothian, VA

About Erin Walsh

Hi, I’m Erin Walsh – I actually have five names so lots of people just shorten it all to “E.”  Most days you can find me planning/working on/fixing some sort of DIY project around my house or trying to keep up with my three daughters, which means driving them to their various sporting events and practices! I don’t mind it so much; it gives me time to brush up on my off-key country music singing and dashboard drumming skills. I’m such a cool mom, ha! Friends know me as a true farm girl who does not easily back down from a challenge or adventure (unless there are snakes involved – no, thank you).  Even when I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing my kids will tell you that we will just “wing it and smile” until we figure it out!

I am extremely fortunate that my DIY “hobby” has become a passion that has led into a second career. Being in real estate for so many years has kept me in the know for local trends and new ideas as well as learning the ins and outs of home updates. It’s amazing what you can learn when you attend almost 100 home inspections! Black Dog has given me the outlet to put all of that knowledge and passion (and a good dose of stubbornness) to use.  Lucky for me, during the workday I am surrounded by some of my favorite people – who are so very talented – and such good listeners because I talk a lot! With the exception of college, I have lived in the same town my whole life – so I get LOTS of questions about local recommendations or insider secrets. I do love sharing what I know with anyone who asks!

I truly enjoy working with people during their house-hunting journey. I am lucky to be able to have the skills and area expertise to help them find “Home.” As a realtor, I have been recognized as a Top Producer under 40 at Keller Williams and the SMT has been the #1 Team of the Year for Keller Williams Midlothian three times.  Co-founding Black Dog Renovations has me looking forward to delivering some more amazing updated homes, with the help of some of my favorite local contractors, to the Midlothian market. BDR is ready to assist those looking to move on or downsize without having to make any repairs or updates as well as on the other end delivering a well loved, updated home to its next family. 

When I’m not working on home improvement or real estate, you will find me hanging out with my amazing husband, watching him cook (I know my limits), going on “family field trips” around Virginia, spending time with friends and all of our kids, or training for my next obstacle course race. Oh yeah, I’m a touch on the competitive side.  Nice to meet you!

If you are dying to hear more, here are five things you may not know about me:

  1. I learned how to drive on a tractor and my dad made sure I could change a tire and jumpstart a battery before I got my license. Thanks dad.
  2. I had twins before J.Lo made it cool. Yes, they are identical.
  3. I hate bananas – passionately.
  4. My college colors were pink and green with a Vixen for a mascot.
  5. I grew up in a haunted house. So cool.

Still here? Let’s connect!  You can email me at